This page features an overview of projects, typically Free Open Source Software related projects, being supported by me or the Memetic World. Some projects are just hosted on our web server and others have evolved from or communities.

Supported projects:

Standards and Freedom (A weblog by Charles-H. Schulz)

"Charles-H. Schulz is a French technologist, Free Software and Open Standards advocate. As a long time contributor to the project he helped grow its community from a few mostly european communities to over a hundred communities and teams of various sizes. In the end of 2009 he was elected at the Community Council of the project.. He also contributed to the development and adoption of the OpenDocument Format standard through the company he co-founded, Ars Aperta. Member of several international organizations he helped to create the Digital Standards Group and is part of the OASIS standards consortium, of which he is now one of the directors. Charles-H. Schulz is a founding member and one of the directors of the Document Foundation, home of the LibreOffice project." You can read more about him here.


EasyLFS is an easier variation of Linux From Scratch, built using Linux Live scripts to save tinkerers who want to have their own custom made system, some time in building it. Project news available via RSS


"Odamex is a new Doom Engine source port which focuses on client/server based multiplayer action and portability, allowing the player to enjoy multiplayer Doom on their favourite operating system in an open, interactive community that helps each other and in turn helps the project." is just hosting a few packages by the contributor csc. Actual project site isn't hosted by Nuxified and can be found at

Have a homeless project?

If you do, maybe I can help. Just drop me a line using this contact form. Depending on current server capacity, your requirements, and the nature of your project you might be offered some space.

The only "strings attached" are usually a link back to one of my projects (,,, or depending on your niche), and a mention on this page.